Sunday, October 16, 2016


Mural on the wall of (currently non-existing) "Papuamu" eco-restaurant, made in 2012. Zabłocie district of Cracow, Poland.

A mix of a leaf and a map of the Zabłocie area in Cracow. The painted red points in the middle of map refers to cultural places located in Zabłocie, such as: museums, galleries, studios, other murals, installations and sculptures in a public space. The leaf structure promotes healthy food and ecology. (via
Project: Aleksandra Toborowicz & Artur Wabik
Realisation: Paulina Lichwicka, Weronika Kasprzyk, Joanna Róg-Ociepka, Ola Piórek, Karolina Źrebiec, Weronika Piórek, Aleksandra Toborowicz, Artur Wabik.